Vochitos experience with Vapor Lock.  

The problem:
VW wakes up good in the morning , works great. But in the afternoon with peak hour traffic your vw starts to miss then turns off.  You crank it and crank it.
But it will not turn on.  While you sit there for several minutes waiting for help you try it again and it turns on.  

Cause: The engine heat is overheating the fuel line and gas pump and the fuel starts to instant vaporization.  VAPOR LOCK!
Imagine a bubble of vapor in the fuel line stopping the flow of fuel from getting the the carb. That is why motor cranks but
wont start.   No GAS !   If you see the fuel filter you will notice its empty or very low Gas in it and bubbles coming
into it from the fuel line.   Vapor Lock

Quick Cure to get you home :

  • Let the motor cool down , then pour a little water over the fuel pump to cool it down be careful not to splash the distributor.
    If available place and leave a wet rag on the fuel pump. This will help keep the fuel pump cool till you get home.

  • Make sure the metal fuel line is not touching your intake manful .  Intakes manfuls get hot and will help cause vapor lock.
  • Hold the throttle open just a bit with the accelerator pedal, while you crank. Don't move the throttle at all while cranking,
    or the accelerator pump with flood the carburetor. The reason for cracking the throttle open it to avoid using the idle jet alone,
    as this runs the car richer than the main jet, and a rich-hot mixture makes the car flood easily.

  • When the engine catches, hold the throttle until fuel filter is full again. Make sure there is no more air bubbles coming into the
    fuel filter. Make sure filter is now full of GAS.
  • You are ready to drive home.  Don't race home, that will cause more heat.  CRUISE  HOME!
  •             This should help you get back on the road or to the shop!

                                                                     Things we have done to fix the issue!
                        Wrong way  without tins.                                                                                     Right way with all the tins.


    1.  if you are missing any tins from from the engine compartment.  Please PUT THEM BACK!!! especially the (Breast Plate and
     the Pulley Tin) These two tins are designed to deflect the heat from the muffler and or the headers. Keeping the fuel pump cool.  They were put there for a reason! :)

      2. Replace metal fuel line , the one that comes in to the engine compartment . Replace it with a hose type fuel line (image below) . Also replace the fuel filter.
    Usually if the motor compartment is hot enough to cause a vapor lock , it usually causes damage to the plastic fuel filter.  

                 Remove metal fuel line      replace it with hose type fuel line.                                                       


     3.    That should do it!!  



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