Keep Your Volkswagen Alive Night

   Most VW owners have an issue or two with their ride (e.g., timing is off, etc).
   Most VW owners have good working knowledge about something they worked
   on and enjoy sharing their experience with others.

    Vochitos VW Car Club is hosting this special night to have VW owners help
    each other with VW issues in a fun and relaxed environment while building and
    expanding San Antonio's VW community.

    Chances are that you’re having an issue with something on your VW that someone else
     has already worked on. So, bring your VW, your tools, your knowledge, and your
     desire to have a great time. Come join us for ALIVE NIGHT -
     even if your VW has no issues, just come and hang-out with fellow V-Dubbers.

                                         As usual, all VW owners are invited to join any of our events.
    Everyone is encouraged to bring food/munchies, beverages, etc.
   Vochitos will have the BBQ pit fired-up and will have food and beverages available for a donation. Your support would be highly


   Got VW parts you want to sell/swap? Bring them to Vochitos Alive Night. It will be free to swap.

   PS: We are thinking about making this a monthly event, but it will be entirely dependent on attendance. So, we hope to see
   everyone there.
                                                             Keep Your VW Alive Night location