The club was originally founded in 2010. The founding fathers are: Gabe, Daniel and Roger.
Just a couple of guys with something in common. We own and love VW's. After a while we decided that we would form a club. A Club that would treat every member as family. A club that would unite VW enthusiasts to share their passion for the original Volkswagen.


                                     So Vochitos was formed!

        What does VOCHITOS mean?
 Vocho or Vochito in Mexico , Costa Rica
 and Colombia  is used as a shortening of
" Volkswagen "
The word  Vochito is affective diminutive.
     Then you add a letter "S" to the end.
               That makes it plural!

 Now Vochitos is a close group of friends. Friends that share the same dedication and vision Vochitos was created on. All new members seem to fit right into our group and always feel welcomed from the first meeting they attend. 

Vochitos a group of VW enthusiasts that are dedicated to the maintenance, restoration,
                      and preservation of all Air Cooled Volkswagen Vehicles.   

Vochitos San Antonio Volkswagen Car Club