Volkswagen began a chassis numbering sequence that ran consecutively from the 1940's through 1964.
      Then the change !

the ending months of 1964 ( Aug thru Dec)  and 1965 and up Volkswagen incorporated the year and model
in the chassis number.
* The first two digits identify the TYPE, for a  Beetle (11) for  a Karman Gaia  is (14).
* The third digit is the last digit of the year, for example 5 would indicate 1965 and 2 would indicate 1972.
* The last six to seven digits are the chassis serial number. So, if the first three digits of your chassis number is 118,
 then it would mean that it's a 1968 Beetle.

The location of the chassis number: Stamped on the frame tunnel under the rear seat On the ID plate behind the
spare tire on all except Super Beetles.

On Super Beetles the ID plate  is next to the front hood lock , this goes for all cars since January 1, 1969, at the top
 edge of the instrumental panel. The engine number is stamped on the base of the generator/alternator stand.

 The letter preceding the numbers help identify the engine size and horsepower.
Below is the tables which shows all changes which has occurred from 1961 through 1977.     

Our intent is to help all of our fellow VW enthusiasts find what year their VW is.