Vochitos San Antonio Volkswagen Car Club Meetings Calendar                                                           


You’ll find lots of  friendly VW owners and spectators, and many young enthusiasts whom
we hope will continue in the VW hobby as they get older.

Our meetings are  held  every two weeks. 
{check our calendar below for dates}
 We first get together at the " Lions Field "(on Broadway) at 7:00 PM
At around 7:40 we take a Cruise to a restaurant to get a bite to eat and have our club meeting.

Our Cruises are fun and safe. Come out and enjoy a great cruise and hang around with VW lovers just like you.

Before and after the meetings, we hang around outside to get acquainted with
 each other, admire the cars, and learn or teach each others about these wonderful vehicles
Come and bring the family to enjoy a great cruise!!

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              Club Charity's ,fundraisers , BBQs all social functions are kept in house. they will not be posted on the calendar.