Vochitos car club is regulated by a set of rules and standards set forth by our founding officers/members
to promote and maintain an organized club with the vision to earn and maintain our clean, fun, and friendly
reputation. Each and every Vochitos members plays a major roll in building the club's positive environment and
reputation by treating fellow club members and non-members alike with the utmost respect and courtesy. Vochitos
car club is all about the love we have for air-cooled VW's and the building and restoration of these fine machines.
Vochitos car club also has a deep passion for creating and maintaining a friendly and relaxed environment where
members, family and friends, and future club members feel safe and welcomed and our children are encouraged to
part-take and enjoy this great experience that is VOCHITOS.

                                              To become a member:

Vochitos membership is open to all Air-Cooled Volkswagen Vehicles owners.
           (Stay tuned !! we might have a water-cooled group.)
A new prospect is required to attend 3 meetings. This will give our club time to assess the
           individuals dedication, loyalty and personality. It is important that we uphold this rule as it allows  us
           time to get to know the prospective member.  Following the probationary period, officers and current
           members will conduct a formal vote to be held during a mandatory monthly meeting. All potential
           memberships are subject to the majority rule. 

  That's it!!    New Membership Form is at the bottom of page. Please read our Rules and more
            important our Code of Conduct.


                                                           Rules to follow once a member:

All Vehicles will need to have  the " Vochitos San Antonio" logo.

Members are expected to keep their vehicle at their highest level of potential ( within its current stage of
          build or restoration) as a gesture of dedication to the club.

(Meetings) Participation is highly encouraged as it plays a major role in the club appearance and
           reputation. No blood oath or giving up your first born, just participation that's all we ask.
         We understand and enforce that :
    Family  & Work    Come first!    
         You will
not get kicked out of the club if you miss a meeting for the reasons listed above. We
         are all family we understand.

        Other excusable reasons for not attending meetings would be:  Weather &  Pre-arranged agreements.
        Pre-arranged agreements  must be communicated
at least 3 days before the meeting,  to the Vice President
        or a Club Committee member.

Standard rules:
       •Safety First
       •All for one and one for all
       •Treat others as you want to be treated
       •Never discriminate against a persons choice of vehicle
       •Please respect the privacy of all members & visitors
       •Stay true to yourself and club members
       •Have pride in your club  
       •Have fun!!!
( Pitching in help ) This is very important to our club.  If someone in the club needs a hand  working on their VW. 
           We encourage that everyone that can help to show up.   Hey!, You never know when you might be the one  needing the help.  

All Club Meetings / Events / Social gatherings will be open to all members spouses , girlfriends/boyfriends and families.

As a member you will be required to pay monthly dues that will contribute to such things as club website, web space, decals and
           functions/events held by the club. Monthly dues are non-refundable. Club membership will entitle you to club discounts, decals,
            website space for pictures, email.

Any members may resign after clearing him or her self from any debts from the club and removing of all Vochitos decals from vehicle. 
           Club will not extend any refunds of any kind.  Ex member will be allowed to keep club shirt.


                                                                 Code of Conduct   

  1. All club members and their guest are expected to act in a appropriated manner at all times when representing the club. As well as at all
    club functions and any other event.
  2. All members will maintain a positive image and avoid any negative behavior. Any member performing illegal activities or
    activities which would bring a bad name to the club will be discharged.
  3. The use of any Illegal DRUGS of any kind, will NOT be Tolerated!!!
  4. This club will not TOLERATE Trash-talking about the club or other members. This behavier will not be allowed or Tolerated.

A violation of any of the codes, will be grounds for dismissal from the club

  New Members please print , fill out and presented in next meeting.
Membership Form