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Electrical Diagrams

 Tunnel Cutout

VW runs great in the morning but
driving home after work . Then
the engin suddenly starts surging
and then decides to turn off. You
turn the key and it will not start.


     could be the cause.

Stock 1969 VW bug:
Length: 160.6 in
Width: 60.6 in

Weight: 1800lbs

        Engine info
Points gap  0.016

Spark Plug gab  .024

Valve Clearance
 yrs 67 & older 0.004

Valve Clearance
yrs 68 & newer 0.006

Firing Order

Oil Refill 2.64
Quarts (2.5 Liters)

4-speed manual transaxel

4-spd SEMI-Automatic

Saxomat (from 1961)


Autostick (1967-76)

Original Carburetors:

28PCI & 28PICT

1200cc & early 1300cc

1300cc(from 1964 to 67)

1500cc (1967 to 70)

30PICT/3 single port
1600cc  (USA only)

34PICT/3 & /4
1600cc dual port

new model carburetor

Engine Codes


         Bolt Torque

Crank Pulley
Bolt  29-36 ft. lbs.

Oil Drain Plug
 25 ft. lbs.

Spark Plugs
 25 ft. lbs.
Flywheel Gland Nut
(36mm) 217 ft. lbs.

Wheel Studs ("lug nuts")
 80-90 ft. lbs.

 Steering Wheel Nut
 20 ft. lbs.

 Fan Nut Inside Engine
 Shroud 45 ft. lbs.

 Generator Pulley Nut
 45 ft. lbs.
 32 ft. lbs. for 53 &

Rear Wheel Axle Nut
217 ft. lbs.

Clutch to Flywheel Bolts
18 ft. lbs.

Cylinder Head Nuts
 23 ft. lbs. (27 ft. lbs.


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